Study from home, office or any other place

Students of KIU are not required to mark regular attendance at a physical premise. Off campus research methodology involves doing your research and other supportive work from anywhere in the world.  Most of the required teaching may take place through webinars or skype or any other suitable mode, making it possible for scholar – guide interactions more convenient and less time consuming. Therefore, for doing doctoral studies, the working professionals need not leave their jobs. They can engage in research work during free hours each day and in the late evenings or early mornings as per mutual convenience between students and guides.

All enrolled research scholars will be provided with a list of reference books and international journals according to their research & thesis topic. Students can also look for reference material in any of the available e-libraries from where they can download book chapters or articles or research publications.

There are guidelines for periodic submissions of progress reports at various stages of the off campus research study, which students must follow religiously or the research program will get delayed. All the necessary guidelines must be adhered to in order to complete the PhD dissertation work in stipulated 2.5 to 3 years’ time.

Admissions to Doctoral and Post – doctoral Fellowship Programs

A research scholar can enroll for doctoral or post-doctoral research degree program in one of the two sessions, Academic Session ( July-June) and Calendar Session ( Jan-Dec) during an year.  He/ she can apply for the doctoral or post-doctoral courses by selecting the subject and his/her prior learning as well as work experience by fulfilling the required admission criteria (read criteria for doctoral and post-doctoral research program under Student Corner).

The research process starts from the date of successful enrollment. The selection of research adviser or guide will depend upon the subject & likely area of the research, while the research topic ought to be selected with the help of the guide and approved by the research committee.

Research Methodology:

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