KEISIE International University- KIU offers off campus doctoral and post-doctoral research degrees to professionals who are working but not satisfied with their current achievements leading to a desire to give a new shape to their career by adding higher leanings in their profiles. Doctoral degrees are meant for professionals who have a passion for academia, research or consulting. Working in a pre-molded career path stops enticing people who have a high degree of sense of success. Routine methods & styles work well for people with a mechanical mind; the innovators are constantly looking for creativity and new finds which demand a higher level of dedication and motivation.

However, learning barriers mostly are in the guise of lack of time and eagerness to start early earning. KIU doctoral courses provide an opportunity for such people to quench their thrust by pursuing higher leanings without disturbing their professional routine. Even the remotest of topics will find a taker from over 100 online off campus doctoral and post-doctoral programs that KIU offers. The beauty of off campus learning is that it engages students and guides from distant locations on a virtual platform, which was not possible earlier. A major constraint of finding the right guide of subject knowledge and personal choice has been taken care of by using the virtual platform.

Topics such as social entrepreneurship, use of Nano technology in surgery, engineering management, or sports administration are now just a click away, all of which are available online. Pride yourself as a leader in global business, influence government policies as a financial consultant, device educational advancement as an innovative curator, or help economically backward people through social entrepreneurship — all from your Internet-connected computer.

KIU encourages the advanced use of Scholars, Practitioners and Leaders, who together combine the theory, practice and leadership to help you influence and inspire others in your field. Helping you complete your journey are research courses and research faculty members who will respond to your questions within 24–48 hours.