In recent years there has been a phenomenal interest in the growth of what some are calling ‘digital’, ‘online’, or `virtual’ universities. Indeed, today, it is commonplace to read that information and communication technologies are radically reconfiguring the landscape of higher education, changing the very `nature’ of the university.

You will already know the vision: a decrease in importance of the campus, as students `login’ from a distance to access `courseware’, new media technologies replacing traditional lectures, courses being delivered and assessed over the Internet, promising to make higher education available anywhere and at any time.

Being a virtual university, KIU offers you a virtual Library that has many distinctive features not too commonly available in other such facilities. The main advantages of the virtual library are:

  • In order to see or read a book, an article, dissertations or any other reading material you don’t have to be physically present in the library. You can access our online virtual library from the luxury of your home or office or from anywhere in the world at your convenient time (24/7).
  • There won’t be a librarian who will frequently ask you not to shout and read in silence.
  • You will not have to spend hours to locate the right column, right raw and right shelf to find your book. In fact more often, even after reaching the right place, you find the place empty… the book of your choice is not there. But not in an
  • In extreme weathers, you don’t have to slog in the physical library, sometimes all alone.
  • Finding the book is much easier on an e-Library. Even by typing the few initials of the book or its author or publisher, the system will sort out the book for you. Then you can down load it or read it online.
  • In fact the same copy of the book can be read by many users at a time, the facility which is not possible in a physical library.
  • Besides, you don’t even have to worry of your e-book being torn or getting loose from the bind.
  • You can have an e-book with you for as long as your storage device supports the purpose.
  • On a flat screen tablet or large screen mobile, you can have the same look & feel of the book as of the physical book.

Then how does a virtual or e library work?

Its simple once you know it but it requires a lot of prior work to be done before a digital or e-version of a reputed book or a journal is made available to readers. Now a days, many of the books have started showing up in their digital makeovers which one can download and read on his/her computer or mobile screen. The old books or journals are being digitized at a much faster pace now by scanning each page and virtuallybinding them together in a book form. In short almost every reading material that today’s generation wants to read is available online.

Features of KIU Virtual Library:

  • Almost 50,000 e-journals, 100,000 e-books and 500,000 dissertations and ever growing are available at a mouse’s click away on the KIU e-library.
  • Quick access to the e-library through a dedicated broadband and state of the art digital facilities giving a feel of accessing your own PC or laptop.
  • Easy browsing facilities through databases to take you to the desired book in a smooth and seamless way.
  • 24/7 operations enabling you to utilize your time at your own pace and convenience.
    Quick links connecting you the outside world as and when required.
  • Ready references for research work giving you access to the right information sought.

Free online resources are available for students to participate.

For more specific information on e-Library of KIU, please send a mail to: