IT & Computer Science




Our Doctoral/ Post- Doctoral Programs in IT & Computer Science

Information Technology & Computer science are in fact 2 different subjects which engage totally different studies from the grassroot level. Computer science deals with the basic system programing, essentially the algorithms and mathematics of computational applications. Development of operating systems, system engineering, embedded programming, etc. fall under CS. Information Technology, on the other hand deals with a much broader aspect of making a bigger picture using the basic building blocks. In fact, IT professionals are the users of computer science technology. They use the existing operating system, programs and applications to address a business problem.

Doing a doctoral/ post-doctoral in any one of these broader categories opens up an entire horizon for researchers as the field is still considered to be a baby in comparison to other subjects. 

KEISIE degrees are mostly meant for professionals who are working but not satisfied with their current achievements leading to a desire to give a new shape to their career by adding higher learnings in their profiles. Doctoral degrees are meant for professionals who have a passion for academia, research or consulting. Working in a pre-molded career path stops enticing people who have a high degree of sense of success. Routine methods & styles work well for people with a mechanical mind; the innovators are constantly looking for creativity and new finds which demand a higher level of dedication and motivation.

Admissions are open through the year and admission in doctoral / post-doctoral programs happen in one of the two sessions during an academic year; Academic session: Jul-Jun and Calendar session: Jan-Dec. Completely filled applications are invited from interested research scholars to enroll in doctoral/ post-doctoral in IT & Computer Science.