Healthcare and Wellbeing




Our Doctoral/ Post- Doctoral Programs in Healthcare &Wellbeing

Doctoral/ post-doctoral research studies in healthcare & wellbeing essentially engage students in an interdisciplinary research program that nurtures the knowledge of the drivers of individual health behaviors and interventions appropriate to facilitate health and well-being. Students explore the interaction between three important lifestyle behaviors – nutrition, physical activity and substance use i.e. smoking and alcohol consumption, and their impact on self & public health and risks for chronic diseases. This program seeks to develop understanding of these influences in a way that may shape future policy and practice to maximize health and well-being at an individual and population level.

KEISIE degrees are mostly meant for professionals who are working but not satisfied with their current achievements leading to a desire to give a new shape to their career by adding higher learnings in their profiles. Doctoral degrees are meant for professionals who have a passion for academia, research or consulting. Working in a pre-molded career path stops enticing people who have a high degree of sense of success. Routine methods & styles work well for people with a mechanical mind; the innovators are constantly looking for creativity and new finds which demand a higher level of dedication and motivation.

Admissions are open through the year and admission in doctoral / post-doctoral programs happen in one of the two sessions during an academic year; Academic session: Jul-Jun and Calendar session: Jan-Dec. Completely filled applications are invited from interested research scholars to enroll in doctoral/ post-doctoral inHealthcare & Wellbeing.