Our Doctoral/ Post- Doctoral Programs in Biotechnology

Scope of biotechnology is very broad whereby new tools & products are developed by exploiting biological organisms, cells, cellular components or processes, helping in animal & plant research, industry and clinic. 

KIU offers doctoral / post-doctoral degrees in Basic and Applied Biotechnology. Purpose of research in biotechnology is to contribute to welfare of society and its wellbeing. It’s a constantly progressive field where new researches are being conducted by creative & innovative scientific talents who want to apply scientific knowledge to development of mankind. This is one study, which can’t be nurtured without the collaboration of industry, opening up an area for KIU to influence the industry for purely academic & scientific purposes. 

KEISIE degrees are mostly meant for professionals who are working but not satisfied with their current achievements leading to a desire to give a new shape to their career by adding higher learnings in their profiles. Doctoral degrees are meant for professionals who have a passion for academia, research or consulting. Working in a pre-molded career path stops enticing people who have a high degree of sense of success. Routine methods & styles work well for people with a mechanical mind; the innovators are constantly looking for creativity and new finds which demand a higher level of dedication and motivation.

Admissions are open through the year and admission in doctoral / post-doctoral programs happen in one of the two sessions during an academic year; Academic session: Jul-Jun and Calendar session: Jan-Dec. Completely filled applications are invited from interested research scholars to enroll in doctoral/ post-doctoral in Biotechnology.