4th Year

4th year

These subjects should contain Lectures as well as adequate Practical sessions where necessary. End of the Sixth Semester an Examination will be held for evaluation on each of these subjects

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January 16, 2016
Three Semesters




acupuncture3 acupuncture2 acupuncture1

Medical Parasitology

Lectures approx. 10 hrs; Field work approx. 03hrs

  1. Life cycles of Protozoa , Nematodes and important diseases caused by them.
  2. Detailed study of malaria and filiariasis.
Examination Format :

Two hour Essay Paper

Community Medicine

Lectures approx. 15hrs; Field work approx. 15hrs.

  1. Principles of Epidemiology and epidemiological methods
  2. Statistics
  3. Health planning and management
  4. Health care in the community
Examination Format :

Two hour Essay Paper


Lectures approx. 20hrs; Practicals approx. 05hrs

    1. Cells and Tissues in health and disease
    2. Disturbance of water and electrolyte imbalances
    3. Haemostasis, bleeding disorders and thrombosis;
    4. Inflammation, healing and repair ‘
    5. Diseases of immune system
    6. Nutritional disorders
    7. Growth and neoplasia
    8. Cardiovascular system
    9. Respiratory system
    10. The blood and bone marrow
    11. The lymphoreticular system
    12. Alimentary tract
    13. Liver, biliary tract and pancreas
    14. The nervous system
    15. The kidneys and urinary tract
    16. Locomotor system
    17. The female reproductive system and breast
    18. The male reproductive system
    19. Endocrine pathology
    20. The skin
Examination Format :
  1. Two hour M.C.Q paper (40 questions)
  2. Three hour Essay paper
  3. Viva Voce (15min.)

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