KIESIE Alumni Association

Welcome & Greetings to KEISIE Alumni…!

We invite you to join the Alumni Association of KIU which gives you an opportunity to connect with your Alma Mater as well as your fellow classmates. No institute becomes self reliant if it keeps loosing tracks of its previous students. The legacy of an institute is not established in one single day but it substantiates gradually with the success of its students & other members of the community.

Alumni Services & Resources

KIU makes sure that its students never cease to enjoy benefits even after their courses are completed. All successfully passed students ought to become our alumni & enjoy a wide range of services that are offered exclusively by KIU. Alumni and Alma mater relationship can create wonders for both. Alumni are the face of the University for the World to see. KIU Alumni services include:

callDedicated Student Help Desk

KIU career counselors & educational consultants are available from Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m to 3:00 p.m to support alumni and sort out their queries.

To consult our student support team, you can call at +82-33-243 5657 or send a mail to

discInternational Placement

KEISIE’s dedicated placement wing not only supports its current pass-out students but also its alumni members. KIU has established professional tie-ups with many international placement companies that help students in more ways than one ( to learn more about KIU Placement Services, read Students Support services)

certiFree Certificate Credential Check / Education Verification Service

Through our online education verification service, students & prospective employers can view the certificate / degree credentials online in pdf format. This verification will state that the degree in question is authentic and has been awarded by an accredited institution.

aniulAlumni Status
As KIU alumni, you will be provided full support from our dedicated team, as soon as you obtain your degree and get registered with us. This allows you to easily access all alumni services and manage your ongoing relationship with us.

As an alumina you can easily:

Request required documents
Remain up-to-date on the latest happenings at KIU
Request other alumni services
Update your profile and details

cardInternational Student Card

The ISE Card which is meant for students & faculties is also valid for the alumni of an institute. It brings many benefits for its owner such as discounts, medical benefits, worldwide assistance & recognition, bankruptcy protection and eligibility at many important places around the world. This card can also be used for verification purpose.

Card is valid for a full 12 months from the date of issue. ISE Card is a professional looking full-color photo ID card printed on                                         durable PVC plastic.

To register with KIU Alumni  wing:

Mail us at

Call : +82-33-243-5657